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Default Updated RB, album art does not show anymore

Hey folks,

I finally updated my Fuze V1 to the latest RB build (I was pretty far behind), and while I was at it, I deleted my old themes & got new ones (since several of mine were broken now). All went smoothly until I hit play & none of my Album Art is showing up anymore. It worked great on the older version. I use MSC, each albums folder has it's own .jpg named "Folder". Like I said, worked great until updating. Is there something new I have to do?

I need to add somethign odd - my wps does not look like the images on the themes page. Using the DIY Contraption, I get the background, but all the info is in plain black text. Now I'm REALLY

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Your themes are probably out of date. Download an updated version of them from the theme site.
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Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned, I did load new themes. I used the RBUtility, but just to make sure I updated the loader & went back and re-loaded all of them. Now they all show the proper graphics, but only two (Black&Blue Glass and XLFuze) show art. ArtFuze1.1 does show a blank CD case, but no art.

Any suggestions what to try next? I can't figure out why they worked on all the themes before updating & only two now.
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