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Default Is it possible to connect ZVM HD to computer?

Hi everyone. I had a Vision: M for a while and it worked well...well for a year that is. Right after the warranty ran out, the player stopped working.

The player when connected to the computer through USB would not do anything, no blue power light, no screen, no HD activity, nothing. So I had a Creative adapter and plugged it into the wall and voila it was working. Now since then I've lost the removable prongs for the creative charger/adapter and would like to get my music off of the player if it's possible.

I'm pretty sure it's a battery issue, and that the HD in the player works fine, given that I was still able to listen to music and browse the player and such when it was plugged into the wall.

Is there a way to get the drive connected to a computer? Or for that matter any other way of getting my information off of it? I haven't taken it apart yet but have heard about how the connection is odd. It would give me something to do, and replacing nearly 30GB of music isn't something I look forward to being in Canada and on limited bandwidth...and my CD collection is all over the place as of late. Any advice would be great

I did try a Motorola charger here with the same connection to the dock as the opposite end of the USB cord does, but it didn't work.

Thanks for reading.

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Unfortunately, the ZV:M drives are in a custom format. IF you were able to connect it directly to your computer, it would show up as not being formatted or 'uninitialized'.

You CAN use a Sony PSP charger to charge and power your ZV:M. The battery is probably gone bad and there isn't enough power in your USB ports to charge the battery enough for the computer to see the ZV:M.

You should be able to use the PSP charger to power the Zen and USB cable at the same time to copy off all your files.

The Motorola chargers don't work with the Zen's because it is looking for a USB host through that port. The Motorola doesn't communicate through the cable and it may not have enough amperage available. The Creative charger outputs 2.4 amps while the typical USB port is only 0.5 amps MAXIMUM. The Motorola may work but it would take a long time before it gets enough of a charge on the battery to start the ZV:M

I did have my ZV:M 30GB go completely dead after not using it for a month and my computers would not see it or even attempt to charge it. (I think it may have been left on) I had to pull out the Creative charger and it came back to life with no problems.
Zen Vision:M 30GB
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Hey if you still have that drive and need to get files off of it, I might be able to help you.
Here is my offer. you send me the drive and I copy off the data by putting the drive in to a working player.
I burn your data onto a DVD or DVDs and then I send them to you. What do I get?
The drive of course!
Let me know if you are interested.
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Can I use its hard drive as an internal hdd?
What type of connection is it built with?
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the Vision M came with several different drives.
Toshiba 30gb with 50 pins
Toshiba with LIF socket
Hitachi with Zif socket.
Figure out which one you have and order the appropriate connector.
I have purchased several USB drive enclosures for around $10.
But you said "internal" didnt you?
I have never seen any adapters for internal connections such as IDE or SATA.
Does that help?
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