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Default How's WP7 without a Facebook account?


I'm interested in WP7, it looks really nice, but am worried about the whole Facebook integration thing.

I don't use Facebook and I want to ask you guys, how's the general experience without it? I'm thinking stuff like will the "what's new" screen always stay empty? I don't like it when, just because I don't use this or that, there's all sorts of "blank" places cropping up.

This was one example... anyway, if there's anyone out there not using Facebook on their WP7, I'd appreciate to hear what the phone feels like.

Thanks a lot.
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The facebook account will also grab additional information from facebook to your contacts. This is sort of helpful but can actually be obnoxious if you have a lot of people you dont care about on FB. If you dont have a facebook account this "whats new" area will grab stuff from other Windows Phone users you might be connected with on Windows Messenger. It wont be empty it will grab from the available accounts you have connected. Windows live is required.
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What he said Sorry - Can't help you there, as I have Facebook. The main thing is to spend some time cleaning up your Windows Live contacts and info - as this is the biggest source of syncing WP7 does (outside of Facebook friends integration). A little bit of time with tidying this up will really make a difference in your initial setup on WP7.

Try here:

Good Luck.

I'm not a big facebook user - however I really like the integration. I made a choice to keep all my mates out of facebook - so that I make the effort to call them and see them to catch up. I do however use FB for my direct family (sisters, couple cousins, old man etc) - which is a good way to keep up with waht they are doing without having to call them or see them (lol!). I also have my US based gaming buddies on FB, cause I never call them (I'm in Aus).

Just thought I'd add this as some ways YOU can use FB not how FB can grow to use YOU!

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Thanks for your replies. It's good that it gets info from elsewhere as well, I was worried that that space would be forsaken

Also, thanks for the Facebook ideas.
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