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Default There needs to be more opaque silicone skins!

I'm currently shopping around for various accessories for my Creative Zen Vision:M, including a silicone case. I'm pretty much ready to pick up the black Kroo Silicone, but I'd like to ask one thing:

Is there any freakin' place on the Web where I can find a good variety of opaque, non-transparent silicone skins?

I really want an opaque one, mainly to conceal some of my player's physical battle scars which are beyond repair, and this has been a major point as I've looked around the Internet. However, this basically limits me solely to a black case, when I'd really like some more interesting color options. Believe me, black is fine, but some other options would be even better.
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Help ZEN M Travel speakers


Firstly sorry if you have heard this before - tried searching and couldn't find anything (although that say's more about my search ability than anything else!!)

I'm looking for a set of portable speakers and I'd like them to be the 'docking' kind (rather than cable into headphone socket). Does anyone know where I can get some (I live in UK). I understand the travel dock Z500 is discontinued.

Any help gratefully received!
Ta J
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