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Default Sansa Fuze Battery Life


So i'm near the end of testing my new sansa fuze's battery life, it has had one full charge from opening then a couple of hours of messing around, another full charge and I left it over night to see how many hours I would get out of it.
I'm using OF instead of rockbox at this time as I want to see if i can get even close to the 24hrs audio it claims. Volume is full and brightness is just under half way (backlight set to 15secs), but seeing as i have hardly pushed a button since starting the test I'm a little bit dissapointed so far.
Just to be clear, I unplugged it on 100% battery, hit play all then walked away (went to bed), backlight on for 15secs then blank/black screen for the rest of the test/time, no hitting forward/skip or any navigation whatsoever. In the morning I had a look at the battery life left and it was 10% at this time, then it resumed its blank/black screen.
Started it at 10:38pm on a full charge, it's now 6:54am and just as I type this sentence has ran out of charge!
That's only a little over 8hrs :S
Mind u it was on full volume. I will redo the test this time on half volume.
I'm now counting how long it takes to do a full charge from empty.

This was a brand new fuze.

So people, have i got a faulty battery? Is this actually what to expect in terms of battery life from the fuze? It's really poor then if thats the case, I will never even see 8hrs as in reality I will navigate more, look at art/lyrics, tinker with Bass settings etc etc.

This is really dissapointing, I already own a clip+ which gets about 7-8hrs (out of their 12hrs claim) and bought the fuze thinking I would get longer life (as it was suppose to get 24hrs) so I thought in reality more like at least 15-16hrs, I think its worse than the clips+ tho

What's everyone else getting for battery life out their?

I know that the sansa fuze is an oldish model, I wonder if its long shelf life has worsen'd its battery expectancy. Can I replace the battery with a better one?


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