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Default Share your WP7 Experience with abi....

I thought I'd kick of a thread for WP7 owners to share some of their experiences with the new OS / UI / Handsets with the abi community. If you are a regular reader here, I'm guessing your either orientated away from Apple products - or at least open to thought of a product that doesn't begin with an "i".

I'm an Aussie with a tech interest (not work related field) and ZuneHD owner. I have never owned a personal smart phone - however previously used a work supplied Samsung Blackjack. My main use therefore was business related - and push email was great with the Blackjack - however other online activities or add-ons were poor.

Aussie's were lucky this time around, in that we saw the WP7 launch marginally before the US. Researching plenty up to and just following the launch, I set out to import a Samsung Focus from the US - which was a bit of an experience in itself originally (see my other thread here linking to this)!

So. As a ZuneHD user - I was expecting a lot from WP7. I'm happy to say I believe MS have delivered.

WP7 meets my mobile social, family and business needs all-in-one. My Samsung Focus (I believe this is hands down the best launch handset) has replaced my work blackjack, my ZuneHD (it now rests on the bookcase not seeing a lot of use) and meets 90% of my needs for topping up a wireless USB Telstra modem for mobile broadband to a PC. WP7 over 3G can meet most of our needs (eBay, email access, basic browsing, weather and tides, general purpose needs and PMP).

Sure - there are some shortcomings and areas that MS will (and have confirmed) they need to improve on for a 1.0 product (they have been detailed enough elsewhere) - however none of these seriously get in the way of enjoying my WP7 experience.

The UI is inituitive, fast and just feels natural. Hubs work well, the photo/camera experience is great (including fast access even under lock) and most of my basic music/media requirements are met by the Zune integration, even if not as fully fledged as the ZuneHD.

From a business sense, I was able to configure the phone easily to access my company exchange server and security policies were enforced seamlessly (setting lock-out pin for the OS). I have yet to configure my sharepoint access, however email and GAL (Global Address Listings) work really well. I love the fact that from the people hub, it is a mere matter of seconds and a few clicks to search my company address book (>1000 people) and save the desired persons details to a local contact that sync's to my live account and cloud. Really clever.

As a phone, the handset and OS excel - with calls, quality and call options all readily accessible and easy to use. Very nice.

I am absolutely stoked with my Focus, and WP7 - and look forward to the CES announcements by MS re: the forthcoming updates - as being the icing on the cake.

IMHO - I think 2011 will be the year WP7 takes off - and leaves android in it's wake....WP7 is a real and present alternative to that "i" product out there that has so captured the heart and mind (and wallet) of the smartphone market today.

Bring it on MS

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