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Default How do I make functional changes in Rockbox?

Recently, I have cracked my screen on my Fuze, and I thought it would be fun to dissect it carefully. Turns out, I've made it even worse. I've broken the wheel now, and all I have left is the Home button.

Is there a way I can compile a rockbox build that'll let me make the home button the next song button and holding it the pause and play button?

I'd also like to know if it's possible to set up the settings within the computer rather than on the player, since the controls and screen are bunk.

My plan really, is just to make a small player that can shuffle songs. I'll be controlling volume through a line in volume or the left over pot from the tape player, or through my E5 as a last resort.
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Yes, this would be possible. It would need to be done on a computer anyway, once done you just copy your newly compiled .rockbox onto the device.

First you'll need a development environment;

Then (if my memory serves me), you'll need to tweak the following;
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Ohh Thank you so muchh. I'll give this a shot sometime this week.
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