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Default Previous Zune HD Owner and WP7

I bought a Zune HD the day it came out under the impression Microsoft was actually going to be supporting the device with games (tegra?), apps, software updates, etc. As most Zune HD owners, I was disappointed with the way Microsoft has handled the Zune HD. Last Thursday it was time for me to upgrade and it came down to the Samsung Focus or the iPhone. I was quite impressed with the WP7 interface and smoothness so I went with the Samsung Focus, and now for my opinion.

I feel as if WP7 is going down the same path as the Zune HD. WP7 devices came out in November last year and have yet to see a SINGLE bug fix release. The Marketplace absolutely crawls on my focus. Switching categories, going back and forth from the app your looking at, and just general use of the Marketplace app is horrible. I've had it crash on me and not allow me to open it up again until I restarted the phone. How is this something you wouldn't want to fix immediately?! Your telling me you want to be a major competitor in the app world, but you won't release a fix for your Marketplace? On top of this the camera settings are reset every-time you close the camera. I thought you were touting the use of the quick camera button, but if I have to set my video recording to 720p every-time I open the camera, or change it to WDR each and every-time I open it, I've already missed the opportunity to do what I was wanting to do. Bug fixes like these should have been addressed immediately (especially the Marketplace one). I believe some of these issues to be addressed in the all so elusive Q1 update, but it has been to long for this update. Copy and Paste is being implemented (without the option of select all), but it has been reported through the emulator that the camera settings may still be reseting when closed. Minor bug fixes can be addressed later, but major bugs like the Marketplace and Camera should be addressed ASAP.

I like WP7 a lot, but if Microsoft keeps along this path it will fail. They have failed to allow for socket support as well as many other important API's (video, compass, etc) so developers aren't making their apps for the device because they CAN'T (Skype for example). This is not the way to make an introduction to the app scene Microsoft (you've had plenty of time to watch iOS and Android and see how to counter them).

Fun Fact: Theres a "Reset to default" option at the bottom of the settings tab/page/menu thing in the camera app.
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