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Unhappy How to keep songs in a single folder/file?

As a previous IRiver 20gb owner, I could assemble random favourite MP3 songs in a single folder on the PC, and simply drag them across to play exactly the same on the IRiver.
I upgraded to a Zen Vision M 60Gb, and when I attempt to transfer the same MP3 folders across to the Zen, it seperates them into either a separate Album category or separate Artist. This means my songs are now scattered all over the place, and I can no longer play my fave songs as a single complete folder!
Unfortunately, I havent been able to successfully load the Zen software on my XP computer, it keeps saying my Zen isnt connected, yet the Zen shows up in Explorer window plus I can drag songs into it.

Is it possible to do what I used to so easily do on the Iriver (drag and drop and keep random MP3 songs together), or is this a bug of the Creative player?

If I cant fix it, I dont think IRiver offer players for 60gb? Any other suggestions, as it really driving me nuts!
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Welcome to ABI>>

Anyway, on the issue of having a folder with music on the device, the ZVM reads the metadata of all the songs - so it reads all the artist info etc, and sorts it accordingly. So, as a result, you won't be able to just port over a folder, and have it play all those songs in that folder.

Now, I am not able to help you out on the zen software, but one question I have is that the zen software you are using is the actual ZVM software??

However, on the issue of having the playlists, I am not sure which playlist types the ZVM can read, however IIRC you can actually create on-the-go playlists and rename them something more meaningful! OR, you could just use windows media player and sync a playlist across .
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Like copeys write, the Vision M cannot do folder view.

A solution I recommend is installing MediaMonkey (free version). In MediaMonkey you can create playlists with your favorite songs. When you have made a playlist, you right click on it and choose "send to" or "sync" (do not remember) and then find the Vision M. Then the playlist and the songs are transferred to the Vision M.
You cannot change the order of the songs on the device, but you can easily change stuff in MediaMonkey and then transfer the playlist again.
There is also Winamp and Windows Media Player, but I prefer MediaMonkey.
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