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Default Finer Volume Control App?

Just out of curiosity, is there an app or add-on for Android to provide a finer control over volume? It may be particular to the phone, but I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 as a dedicated music player. When I am using my earbuds, I need to keep the volume at the lowest level for most music. The problem is that some songs have higher volume levels than others and even at the lowest level the volume is a just a touch too loud, being able to get one more level between the current lowest and mute would be helpful. Other songs have lower volume levels and I need to raise the volume a few "ticks" but run into wanting an in-between "tick" because at one "tick" its too low the next "tick" its too loud.

Perhaps there's a setting I have overlooked?


Edit to add: I am primarily using Poweramp as my music app on the phone. The volume control within that app mirrors the volume control for the phone (i.e. it does not provide finer control).
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