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Talking iTunes Genius Playlists on Sansa (Passive)

Hey Guys
This is a Tutorial on how to Transfer Genius playlists from iTunes into your Sansa Fuze (well, have tried it on fuze only, should work with any other player too).

Please note: Genius playlists are collection of songs that would sound good/great/matching together. The process works on collecting the song ratings from people all around the world using iTunes, and using those ratings to create Genius Playlists. It might appear to be near fluke, but trust me guys, these genius playlists do sound good.

Things you will need: iTunes, Sansa Fuze with songs on it, Playlist Creator (

Please Note: This tutorial is for those who have used iTunes and have an iTunes Store Account (the Genius feature doesn't work without a store account). For those who are not familiar with iTunes, dont give up, give these playlists a try, download iTunes, make a store account (doesn't charge anything), turn the Genius feature on, and follow the tutorial.

i) First of all, connect your Sansa to your Computer in MSC mode.

ii)Those who have libraries setup in iTunes, back them up (if u want to), and delete the library by clicking on Music in the left pane, top, and then selecting all the songs (ctrl+A) in the pane on the right, and deleting all the songs associated (by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard)

iii)In the File menu, click on "Add Folder To Library", in the Window that opens, Open your sansa's micro sd, and select all folders and click Open/OK. As soon as you add songs, you would see itunes starting to gather information from your newly selected library (Sansa MicroSD), the information will be displayed at the top, Under the iTunes Banner, where the Apple Logo sits and Playing Song info is broadcasted. Just click on the Close button in this Area, whenever iTunes Starts to gather info.

iv)Now again by the same steps as above, add the sansa's internal memory. iTunes Starts to gather info again (like Gapless playback info, processing album art), and you just have to click on the Cross in the same area where Gathering Gapless Playback/ Processing Album Artwork is displayed.

v)Let the libraries be added to itunes, and once done (Only for those with a iTunes store Account), go to Store, and click on Turn On Genius. It will start collecting info about ur library (songs on sansa fuze) and download it from its servers

vi)When the process completes, in iTunes, Select the song for which you want to make a Genius Playlist, Right Click it, and click on "Start Genius".It will make a playlist under the Genius Heading on the left side pane.

vii)Now right click the Genius Playlist you just created, and "Export" to a m3u file on the desktop or anyehere you want to.

viii) Open Playlist Creator now. On the top, there is an "Open" button. Press it, and open the .m3u that you just exported via iTunes.

ix) at the bottom of the Playlist Creator windows, there is a "Save Location" option.Select the root of the MicroSD. The Next option is "Name and Type", put in any name u want to, and in Type, select .m3u only.

x) click Create Playlist. in a few seconds, it completes the process and Voila!!! iTunes genius Playlists on your Sansa Fuze. Ofcourse you wont be able to make the playlists On-The-Go within the sansa Firmware, but this still is fun.

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