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Default Another Battery post.

Sorry for the new post. Couldn't find the exact answer needed in previous posts.

I own a Creative Zen Vision M 30gb device.

I started with the 1.31(ish) firmware.

I have the original Wall Power Adapter.


I recently found my Creative Zen player after a few years of it going missing. When I attempted to turn it on, the blue light would flash once, but it would not turn on.

When I plugged it into a computer via USB it would not power up. When I plugged it into the wall adapter it would power up and function normally.

Unfortunately it would not hold a charge.

I did some looking around and found this battery online ( and ordered it.

When it came in, I disassembled the device and installed the new battery. It immediately booted up and showed 3/4th battery life. It functioned normally and charged to full when I plugged it into the wall.

I noticed that I seemed to have a few limitations in regards to creating a playlist of my music so I started searching around for newer firmware.

I found that the latest was 1.6.2 (I think) I downloaded it and installed it without a problem. Everything was fine until it stated it was rebooting the device with the new firmware. It never turned back on.

I plugged it into the wall adapter and immediately noticed that the battery sign had gone from full to empty after the firmware update. I then read about how the newest firmware causes some replacement batteries to fail and that 1.4.1(ish) firmware would work.

I download the 1.4.1(ish) firmware and attempt to install it. It warns me that I could corrupt the music since I am downgrading it. I click ok to proceed and then it tells me that it doesn't have enough battery power to make the change and to charge the battery...

So now I am in a mess. Even with it plugged into the computer AND the wall, it reads that the battery is too low to flash. The system will not read the new battery at all no matter what I do.

Any advice? I'm pretty frustrated honestly and did really like the system.

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