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Default Problems With Refurbed Fuze - Resolved / Thanks

OooooooooooK! After waiting all day for this to be delivered to my office, I decided to check my dept.'s mail room before leaving work, and there it was! Now, first impressions - I love it. I love the size, the weight, the scroll wheel, both the front and back textures -- was excited to get it home and get music on it. This is where the disappointment set in.

This simply does not sound like my Clip +. The highs sound over emphasized, even hollow -comparatively speaking. I thought it was the files- I tried mp3, flac, wma, and vorbis. I even used two pairs of headphones. I just did not get the same full sound that I get with my Clip +. I then decided to just play the exact same files on both players to make sure that I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. and yip... They just are not the same.

I bought it refurbished. Now, my second reason for disappointment, I did notice that on the right side of the player, the covers are not sealed tightly. As I was examining the player, I could see light seeping through the two pieces. I pressed them together as tightly as I could, but that did not help. I was going to get everyone's opinion about returning it, but then the sound is annoying the hell out of me. Based on the Clip + and believing these two players have the exact sound, I thought I had found the perfect player for me.

Now, recently, I read somewhere that one of the things that makes the Clip sound so good is how the player is sealed... who knows if this is true or not. In any case, I was wondering if the poor seal on mine could be contributing to the less than stellar SQ. Or is it the case that the Fuze V2 simply does not have the same sound as Clip + V1 (I do not know if there is a V2 or not)?

I guess I should send it back because of the sealing problem alone, but the question's whether or not I bother ordering another one. I would like to hope that I just got a bad one.

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