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Default Bizarre EQ problem w/ Rockbox on Fuze 2.0

Like the title says, I'm running Rockbox on a 2.0 Sansa Fuze. I'm overall extremely happy with it, but I've encountered a weird EQ problem.

I have the rockbox equalizer set to 2.0, 1.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0. Replaygain and preamp are turned off. No other advanced settings are currently used.

I didn't notice any issue with these settings until I switched from electronic stuff to abrasive guitar music. The music sounds like it's fluctuating in volume the entire time, particularly during more intense parts. On most albums I've tried, it sounds like the treble is FAR higher in volume than the mids - guitar riffs start quiet and then get way louder when their tone starts approaching the higher frequencies.

At first I thought the wheel on my Fuze was moving in my pocket - that's how noticeable the volume fluctuation is. It sounds like there's a line where the mids end and the treble begins, and anything over that line sounds way louder than the rest of the music. I've never had this effect on any other equalizer.

It's definitely a Rockbox equalizer issue - the problem is eliminated if i turn the Rockbox eq to flat or de-emphasize treble, but my original firmware has the same EQ settings and it doesn't do this to the sound. This isn't a placebo, because I can tell blind which firmware I'm listening to. It's VERY noticeable.

I haven't learned how to use the more advanced settings on Rockbox(yet). Could this be an issue related to the other settings on the equalizer? I haven't changed them, but I'm wondering if I could eliminate the issue by tweaking them. I've messed around a bit so far, but it's not making a difference so far.

I've also tried multiple builds of Rockbox - they all seem to have the same issue for me.

On edit : I just realized that I didn't put this in the Rockbox-specific forum. Sorry about that.

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