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Old 02-23-2011, 06:04 PM
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Angry My Fuze at my music: Says 500MB free, but shows nothing on it.

Yesterday I had to make a 5 hour drive, and I returned today. Monday I plugged in the Fuze (v2.03.33a), put some new music and updated playlists on it. I let if fully charge, disconnected it, and loaded my road trip playlist so all I had to do was turn it on and hit play when I got in the car.

I didn't turn on the Fuze until I hit the highway. When I get to the on-ramp I reach down and flip the power switch. Then after I merge onto the highway I reach down and press play. I saw the animation when I hit the power switch, so I know it turned on. When I reached down and hit play, I just heard silence. When traffic thinned out to where I could look at it, it just wouldn't turn on. I flipped the switch again, and nothing.

My first though was that maybe I didn't turn it off Monday night and it had been playing music all night long and I actually turned it off and it didn't have enough battery power to come back on. I was pretty sure I turned it off though.

So I had to drive 5+ hours without my music. When I got to my hotel last night, I used the public computer in the lobby and searched for a way to fix it. I found out about the reset, holding the power switch for 20 seconds, release and power on. That worked, it powered on, had full battery, but it was flipping through my music, just displaying the song title, then the next and so on. There was no album art next to the song, so I thought maybe it was refreshing the media.

To make a long story short, it was trying to play my last play list. I went to settings and did a factory reset, but whenever I tried to play something, it didn't play anything, it just skipped to the next song until it hit the end.

I can go to music, and it it shows them there browsing by artist, album, song, etc. I can also browse by folder, but it still doesn't play them. When I go to playlists, it shows my playlists, but if I select one it says it's empty.

When I got home a little while ago, I plugged it into my system and it connected fine. It was showing about 500MB free out of 7.xxGB, but when I tried to browse the storage, it was empty. The USB mode was on auto detect. I manually set it to MSC, and got the same. I put it to MTP and it wouldn't connect. Now if I put it back to MSC or auto, it doesn't connect. The battery icon starts blinking indicating it's charging, but it won't connect. I tried the putting it on hold and holding |<< while plugging it in, but that doesn't do anything either.

What happened to my Fuze and how do I get it working again?
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