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Default Application Updater

If enough people are interested then I will make an auto-updater. What it will do is quite simple, you select your app directory, searches for what games you have, checks for any updates of those games. If there is any updates then it will install them. I might also add a feature were if you don't have a game then you can install it.

Currently I have made an updater for Pingus, and will modify it to handle many games instead of one, and if Xeroo will let me, I will use his site to host the files I need for the program ( he would also benefit because then every time you check for an update, his site gets tragic, thous making his site appear towards the top of search engines). If you would be interested in an auto updater then please post that along with any ideas you might have. Also, if you could specify if you would rather have it be automatically run when you plug in your zen(It would be more work and a bit longer until release) or have in manual where you run the program, and select which updates you want to install, or a mix of the two options.

If I do make the updater then a few things need to happen from the developers of the games-
1. They need to include an xml file ( which i will post the format of later) in there game's folder
2. When they make an update the update zip file should only include the lua files or any added resources since the release of the game.

Also, the updater could load new games without being updated ie: If there is a new game released, you would not have to update the updater because it could gather the current apps from a database online.

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