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Default nwz-e454 problems


I was the proud owner of a sony nwz-a826 with 4gb. It worked fine, but started to fall appart, so i got an upgrade: nwz-e454 with 8gb.
They are very similar, except for some severe rawbacks the e454 has:

1) i have a lot of mp3 songs in a folder, they are displayed like this:

title 01
title 02
title 03

the player has to read the length of the song before displaying it and when there are a lot of songs, this may take up to 3 seconds, during which i can only stare at an empty screen.
Additionally, i would prefer to not see the length at all, and to have twice as many song titles instead.
Can i change that setting somewhere?

when i am on the home screen, the nwz-a826 would offer me a menu when pressing the "optino" button; the default menu item would be "go to current playback". The new player doesnt offer any menu and i have to manually navigate to the screen item.
When i select a song and press the "option" key, i get a mneu with two options: "add to bookmark" and "got to playback". the first one is the default, to reach the second item i have to press the ">" button.
WHY? i mean, which option am i going to use more often?!?

why doesnt it offer a shuffle option at the home screen? Why do i have to
goto music->all songs->play->change mode->shuffle when i just want to listen to a random song from my walkman??

when a song is playing, i can see the playback bar + time only for a few seconds, before the album cover picture expands over it, EVEN IF THERE IS NO COVER PCTURE! wtf?? How can i turn this off?

when i play a song and press the "down" button, i am presented with a list of album covers. However, the actual name of the album is not displayed, nad if i dont have album pictures, i cannot navigate at all, because it looks all the freaking same.
I dont care about covers, i JUST want to see the name of the album please...:/

the old nwz-a826 had none of the above problems. In other words, sony engineers took a fine piece of technology and made less user-friendly. Not cool.

A generic question: the walkman gets displayed in the windows explorer as a special walkman device. Can i somehow make it appear like a "normal" usb stick?

thanks for your answer and merry christmas!


p.s. is there some sort of official sony forum where i can complain?
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