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Default Great new Fan-made WP7 advert

Great effort!
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That is very neat. Trippy as hell. Sadly doesn't show much of what the phone does. :P Very well done, though.
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You can tell that it's blatantly fan made. Not because it's low quality (because it's actually outstanding!), but because MS could never come up with something that good.

My wife and I did a 24 hour test drive of a Ford Edge this week. You know how they make the SYNC program, right? Utter garbage. Couldn't get it to pull contact photos or album art off her iPhone or my Droid Incredible. But that's not MS's fault, since the iPhone and Android are two relatively unpopular mobile OSes. I'm sure it syncs with PalmOS.

Also, we couldn't get it to stay consistently connected to Bluetooth like her Mazda. We'd have to repeatedly reset and resync. So yea, I want to like MS (and I LOVE WP7), but these guys need to get their act together, and fast. If I were them, I'd fire the entire marketing department and reallocate their half a billion advertising budget to this guy
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Me gusta.
The Saxmaster
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Originally Posted by medion View Post
But that's not MS's fault, since the iPhone and Android are two relatively unpopular mobile OSes.
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