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Default Rockbox 3.8 is out - what's in it for me?

What's new?

Some new things since version 3.7.1:


Added support for embedded album art (currently limited to mp3/id3v2 and jpeg)
Upgraded Coldfire compiler giving an overall speedup on Coldfire based targets (iaudio m3/m5/x5, iriver h100/h300, mpio hd200/hd300).
LCD speedup for the iPod nano 1G and iPod Photo/Color port (FS#11843)
Major LCD speedup for the iPod nano 2G port (FS#11807)
Automatic resume of incompletely played tracks (FS#11748)
Playback supports all samples rates on iPod nano 2G.
Implement LCD sleep and core voltage scaling for iPod nano 2G to improve battery runtime.
New 20 pixels high font '20-Artwiz-Snap' (FS#9633)
Make iPod fm remote work on iPod nano 1G by enabling line-in monitoring, also enabled on iPod nano 2G, Color and 4G (FS#11559).
Two new translations, Croatian (FS#11884) and Latvian (FS#11967) have been added, as well as updates to many other languages. Rockbox 3.8 is released fully translated to 16 languages and with 10 additional languages more than 95% completed.

Pong plugin now supports single-player mode, with the CPU controlling the opponent (FS#5855)
New MikMod based module player plugin.
All image viewers have been merged into a Universal Image Viewer.
MPEG video playlist (FS#8607)

Optimize ATRAC3 substantially for ARMv5E? and ARMv6 targets.
Optimize Ogg Vorbis.
Optimize Wavpack on Coldfire.
Optimize AAC+ on ARM targets.
Optimize MP3 on all ARM9 and later targets.
Small optimizations to many codecs (AAC, MP3, WMA, APE, MPC, etc) on ARMv6 targets.
Support decoding flac files with 192k sample rate.
Fix a number of issues decoding AAC-HE files
Fix crashes decoding APE files.
Fix several issues decoding AAC and ALAC files due to bugs in the MP4 parser.
Fix encoding mono and low sample rate files with the MP3 encoder
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