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Old 03-04-2011, 04:11 PM
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Default Interesting article from Mary Jo Foley re: WP7 updates/outlook

Nice article re: WP7 updates and outlook from Mary Jo Foley:


“From what I’m seeing (the Samsung WP7 update problem) must be related to the phone’s storage, probably the way apps and content are installed on the phone. Some are on the ROM and others on the NAND flash (both are formatted as one big partition and seen as such by the OS). I don’t know why it’s only an issue on Samsung devices, because LG’s handsets essentially have the same setup (but not the same NAND type/manufacturer)”
Interesting. Yet another issue (for some) that may be pointing back to the storage layout Samsung chose to employ – or maybe even their supplier of storage.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone Secrets author Paul Thurrott has said that he hears it will be next-to-impossible for Microsoft to roll out its second major WP7 update this year....But I will say I am hearing that Microsoft recently promised its OEMs and carriers that they will get the Mango bits by early fall at the latest, enabling them to ship WP7 phones running Mango in time for holiday 2011. So unless Microsoft has gone back very recently and told those partners “Just kidding!” — I still am betting we’ll see WP7s running Mango in 2011.
I reckon it would be too major a blow for the image of WP7 if they went back on their promised 2011 "major" update to the phone.
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