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Default Help? Into the Washing Machine

Hey there,

I got a Sansa Fuze in January, used off eBay. I was enjoying it -- my first MP3 player -- until I left it in my jacket and put it in the wash... and didn't take it out until 8 hours later.

I dried it out using the old rice trick (though I couldn't help not turn it on immediately after I found it.)

Long story short, it seems to have survived ... somewhat. When I plug it in to my USB port, I get the Sansa exploding logo screen, and the "writing" and "connected" message.

The battery logo was initially empty, but now it shows fully charged. I can also access the data I had on the player via my computer. The problem is, when I unplug it from the USB port, it no longer works.

I think it may be the battery. I was thinking of buying a replacement battery in hopes of salvaging it -- but other things, such as the wheel or headphone jack may not work, and I'd have wasted the cost of a battery. I can't seem to turn the player on when I have it plugged in.

Do y'all have any suggestions? I figure I have two options: buy a new battery and run the risk of wasting that cash, or selling the player as-is and buying a new player altogether. It's not too much of a difference, probably.

I'd spend $15 for the new battery. A new player might run me $30, and I can sell the old one for parts, hopefully for around $10.

Also, can you suggest any other diagnostics I might try? Do you think it's the battery?

Thanks for the advice!
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