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Help Date/Time settings lost when switching to Rockbox after OF upload

(Urg. Just realized I posted in the wrong forum. Apologies.)

Have any other users observed this? I just picked up a Clip+ (blue, 4GB, used, mint) and am still experimenting with settings/adding files/creating playlists, so I'm making frequent switches between Rockbox and the OF for the upload process (MSC transfer). Every time I get back into Rockbox after an OF upload, the date/time settings have gone back to the RB default. Annoying, at least while I'm going back and forth between the two firmwares; but even when I've got my Clip+ loaded up, any future upload connections will require resetting the clock once again. Quirk? Unknown bug?

Additionally, I've found that the RB clock doesn't keep accurate time once the Clip+ is powered off overnight or some similar extended amount of time. There's no real pattern to this, but at least this morning, the clock was off by 10 minutes when I turned my Clip+ on. Could this be a battery issue?

As I type this, my Clip+ is fully charged, and I'm running the battery bench app (while I burn in some new earbuds with a pink noise file). I'll see what the app log records at the end of the run.

Just for full disclosure, I'm running the Engineer2 theme (from the RB default pack), with Literal More as the WPS. No other customizations to note.

Feedback appreciated and TIA --
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