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Default Noise on Clipv1 (split from ClipV2 thread)

I have been noticing this low level high frequency whistles as well. These are quite apparent in fadeouts or very low level passages. I made some silence files and did some testing. The noises are not constant state, they tend to modulate at track starts, and are not always the same. However they are always present, to varying but noticeable degree. Usually masked by the music.

I was able to trace them to using the low frequency sections of the EQUALIZER. Noise starts immediately upon boosting either the shelving LF section or a peaking filter set at similar low frequencies (50-60Hz in my case, a typical setting to compensate for sports-type headphones).

The solution is to avoid using the EQUALIZER for bass boost. You can use the "normal" BASS control instead, this doesn't make noise. Obviously not as tweakable as the full-fledged parametric EQ, but still, better than the little whistles in the background.

Perhaps this bug can be fixed. I'm not sure where to post this for the Rockbox people.
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