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Default Updates on MS WP7 Updates...New info.

Sorry for the delay catching up on the latest WP7 news - however just got back from a lovely Aussie holiday in the Tropics. Well rested!

So a lot has happened over the past 2 weeks (as some others have posted).

- MS posted a Copy and Paste Update FEB 24:

- Joe Belfiore went on Channel 9 and talked up WP7 prior to MIX.

- MS then apologised for the poor engagement on updates - and released a Where's my Update page:



- Joe Belfiore apologises for further annoying pissed off earlier WP7 adopters re: updates:

Full transcript:

This is from Joe Belfiore:

Many of you are making critical comments here which are certainly fair. First, I was wrong when I said “most people have received the February update.” There are many of you who have yet to receive it, and I don’t blame you for speaking up and pointing out my mistake. Second, I referred to our updates as “complete” because I was thinking of the internal process where we pass completed software to another group who delivers them – but of course no update is complete until you all have it. Plus, at the time I did the interview we had started the NoDo (“march update”) delivery process and I knew “it was going well” from our perspective: people were officially getting it, the success rate of its deployment on real-world phones was looking good, and we were happy that the process had STARTED well. Still—these are NOT the same as all of you getting it and I’m sorry that I came across as insensitive to that fact.

I am a very, very big advocate for all our end-users and developers, and it bothers me a lot if I sounded out of touch. I wasn’t as prepared for this interview as I should have been—I walked into the studio with an informal state of mind, thinking about MIX and what we WILL be talking about, and I didn’t have the right up-to-date information to give a good explanation on updates which I know to be a very high-interest topic right now.

I have read all of the comments here (and many of them on the other blogs) and so has pretty much everyone in our management team. We know it’s been frustrating to wait for features/fixes and (probably worse) to hear little from us on specific dates. We are sorry the process has been rocky. The “where’s my phone update” table is our first step to try to remedy this in the face of technical problems that have made our first wave of updates take longer than we expected. We know the table would benefit greatly from more detail, and we are hoping to add more to it by working with the Operators who own the “testing” phase to get more clarity. If your phone is shown in “scheduling”, it’ll be worth checking the table next week.

In the spirit of “MIX as a conversation” – I will make sure that when I show up in Vegas that I’m well prepared to give an update in person and to try to answer your questions as best I can. You folks are obviously a very important audience for us and it’s right for you to expect us to communicate and execute better. I know at this point it’s our actions that matter… The main thing we are trying to do is to get the updates out to everyone in a way that is reliable and works, and then make our process better and more transparent in the future.

- ATT remain silent on updates for the Focus, and Rogers push out updates for Canadian Focus owners. Other carriers push out NoDo.

- MS release a support fix for 2 error codes some people are experiencing for WP7 updates:

- MS update their cut n paste blog with an apology to all WP7 customers for delays and poor engagement - over 600+ comments now on this blog alone:

- Various hacks (like hitting a server in Hungry to force updates) for getting NoDo before your carrier offers it come out, generally requiring a Developer unlocked or Chevron unlocked handset.

- Finally, this week Chris Walsh of Chevron fame uses the MS Patch/Fix tool just released to create a custom NoDo install method for all handsets, on all carriers without needing a Dev unlocked handset:

<INSERT RISK WARNING HERE!!!!> EDIT - see post below - THIS Updater has now been removed and is believed to break your phone!!!!

- And today it is reported that MS are warning against using this method:


So - as I said, a lot happening on WP7! Suffice to say I now have NoDo V2 7390 working on my ATT unlocked Samsung Focus in Australia.


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