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Default problem with video4fuze: playlist doesn't appear in my fuze

Hi people,
I have Sansa Fuze+ and I can't manage to create a playlist and to listen it in my fuze... I try with WMP and Mediamonkey and it didn't work... Now I downloaded video4fuze 0.6+ (wich I knew about thanks to this website) but I still have problems...

This program create 2 kinds of files (playlist.pla & playlist.refs) ... I copied both and pasted them in the playlist folder ... The playlist didn't appear so I pasted them in the sansa directory,,,it didn't work either

Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?


PD: let me know if i wasn't clear enough, i'm new at this and english isn't my first languague...
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video4fuze was written to work with the original Fuze. It was last uploaded several months before the Fuze+ ever came to the market. I haven't read of anyone using it to create playlists for the Fuze+. It may be that it doesn't create the correct file paths for that player.

I did use it quite a bit before Rockbox became available for the Fuze. What I did differently was to use the dialog menu in the program to save my playlists. I didn't cut and paste anything, I just saved it to the Playlist folder using vide4fuze. You could try that. No guarantee of success but you might get lucky.

If you are please let us know here. It would be valuable information for our members and others that might come here with a similar problem.
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+1. Just echoing skip252 as usual. Please do post back the results if you try skip's suggestion - for sure it would help people out.

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