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Default How to I remove Rockbox from my Clip?

OK, I tried it. Maybe I'm not hardcore enough of an audiophile, but I really don't like Rockbox on my Clip.

I love my Clip and Clip+ because the sound quality is great and the device is so simple and reliable to use, and very portable. Rockbox changed that.

Issues with Rockbox,
1) I can't read the friggin' menues. I've switched theme and that helps, now I can read in if I'm standing still focusing on the menue. I downloaded and installed "blind old man" themes using the utility, but they don't show up on the Theme menu.

2) The "Home" button doesn't do anything with Rockbox. I realized just how much I rely on that button once I didn't have it.

3) "Database", not "Music"? Fine, I can live with that, but WTF? The clip doesn't do anything but music.

4) Too many options. This isn't a bad thing if you want micro control of your player, but I like the quick and simple navigation of the original firmware.

5) Oh, and the volume of the Clip dropped significantly with Rockbox. Maybe there is a setting, but refer to #4.

I'm glad I tried it, but it's not the direction I want to go with my Clip.
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