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Default Playback error of album using Rockbox 3.8.1

Not sure if this is a Rockbox 3.8.1 playback error or not. I was re-arranging a couple of albums in the ogg format between being stored on internal and microsdhc storage on my Clip+ today. I tested one that I moved from microsdhc to internal, and when I tried to play it back via .m3u playlist and using folder mode clicking on a sound file, none of the files playback. The screen scrolls through each file, then under the artist and album tag sections of the screen, it says, "(root)." Once it scrolls through each song unsuccessfully, it either returns back to the folder screen. Very strange. So I deleted the album and playlist from my clip+. Then I went to a backup of this album on my pc hard drive. I played back the songs using foobar on my pc, and didn't have any problems. I ran Audiotester on all of the files from this album, and they came back error free. So I copied the backup copy of this album from my hard drive back to the microsdhc on my clip+, copied the .m3u playlist too. Tried to play back the album, and I get the same errors. I'm fairly certain that this album played back okay in the past during a previous version of Rockbox. I usually do a quick test of each album as I add them on to make sure there are no problems with playback. Anyone know what's going on here?
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