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Default Lyrics on a rockboxed sansa fuze?

Hi all,

I'm travel between uk and oz in a couple of months time and for the long flights was hoping to have the ability to read lyrics on my rockboxed sansa fuze.

In addition to the sansa fuze i will be taking a eeepc1000ha running foobar 2000 (im kinda new to foobar but so far have it working nicely and even running winamps milkdrop2 visualization). I mention this as the I'm hoping the solution to this issue will allow me to read lyrics on both devices (i.e. killing 2 birds with one stone).

So what i'm looking for is people who have sansa fuzes or foobar2000 that currently have a satisfactory solution to seeing lyrics on these platers.
I'm guessing for the sansa fuze ppl are using the lrc player plugin? Is there a 'Now Playing' theme that shows lyrics that I'm unaware of for rockbox?
With Foobar are ppl using evil lyrics or summin?

Also what software are ppl using to get lyrics? Are the lyrics stored in the tagged?


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