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Default Development Questions

So another year has passed, time flies by :O

Less than a year ago I graduated from highschool and now I'm going to college and studying IT.

A year ago I had no clue of any structured programming langues (Like C#, Java, C++ etc.) but now I've learned a lot over the past year. I only knew PHP when I started college and my knowledge has really gone over the top.

I've got some questions which I'd like ask anyone here that is still visiting the forums:

- Is Zen X-Fi2 application development still active?
- Does LUA support OO (classes / interfaces etc)?
- Anyone got some ideas for apps / games?

When I first bought the Zen, it was also my first mp4 player and then I found the forums a pretty long while ago.

I'm kinda bored at this moment and I'm looking for a small project to do in some other languages rather than C# or Java so I thought maybe I can find some ideas here :P

So yeah that were basically my main questions. The first time I took a look at any sourcecode (that was since I joined ABI so 3.5 years ago when I was 14 (now 18)) I had no clue what kind of magic was going on so I quickly gave up.

Now, if I read it I think, gosh this is quite simple to do. Lets do some stuff

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[Post moved to its own thread]

Hey tdid, I'll do my best to answer your questions.

1. Zen X-Fi2 application development is not very active, though I do work on a lot of projects that I have not completed yet, such as ports of an rts game like age of empires, or a mario game.

2. Lua can be made to 'resemble' OOP, through the use of metatables. Metatables let you redefine how Lua handles objects and operations.

3. As for ideas, mario would be nice, and require simple controls. Perhaps we can work together on it to speed up the process and make it better. PM me if you are interested.
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There are people doing rockbox development on that device, so you could look into that. We don't do OO programming though, beyond some Lua plugins.
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