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Default Change grid of Clip+ FM Radio


I'm new with Rockbox and just installed it on my new Sansa Clip+.

I love the FM Radio function and just played around a little bit. Now I asked myself if it is possible to change the grid of the frequency.

I now have the grid of for example 88.9Mhz without having any poissibility to change the place behind the 9. Is it possible to change the grid to the effect that I can choose a frequency with more kHz places (like 88.975Mhz)?

Unfortunately I think I have to edit the sourcecode, but I have now idea which one.

I hope my issue is understandable and my english is not too bad (I'm not a native English speaker).

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Are there stations in Germany that need three digits after the decimal?

Either way, you can create an .fmr preset and put it in the .rockbox/fmpresets folder. It seems to be precise up to 6 digits after the decimal.

Some examples:
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OK, I now created a preset and my player loads it without any error message.

It now says: Station: 88.5 Mhz but I added a frequency like 88.475Mhz. So Rockbox rounds up the digit after the decimal.

Is it possible to avoid that?
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The tuner resolution is 50kHz, so thats the best you can do.
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BTW, I think dfkt is not the only one who wonders why you need 3 digits after the decimal. That would be nice if you could answer this question
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In rockbox, the resolution is linked to the FM 'Region' setting.
Setting US/Canada has a grid of 200 kHz on "odd" frequencies.
Setting Europe has a grid of 100 kHz.
Settings Italy/Other have a grid of 50 kHz.
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