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Default Need to replace Fuze. Advice please.

I need an mp3 player that I can use when I work on car or home project. Strictly music, no video. I put Fuze (refurbished) through a wash cycle. It still plays well but battery doesnt' hold. Not sure if the battery is bad or a leak path has developed.

What's important to me: play by folder, expansion slot, don't care about video. That's about it.

Is Fuze still holding a place in the MP3 player world? Or has something new come out, better and cheaper? I checked teh refurb fuze price. about $50. I have microSD cards.


FYI: I have Cowon D2. It's too bulky to play when I work on car. My cell phone, like every other cell phone, can play music well, but it's bulkier than Cowon D2. Thanks.

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You could get a Clip+. Only 15 hours battery life but its got the same great SQ of the Fuze. It would be perfect for strictly music. You can get a portable battery pack to fix the short battery life problem.

IMO the Fuze is still a great player, even though its discontinued. I still have mine, with Rockbox its great for music only.
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Clip+. Done.

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Although it's been discontinued, you can still find a new, non-furb Fuze in some stores, both online and brick & mortar.

I saw the 8GB Fuze at a local Target just a couple weeks ago.
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Thanks. Buying another Fuze. Skipping Clip+ because of negligible price difference.
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