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Default My thoughts on I9 and battery upgrade

Hello folks.
Just wanted to share with you my thoughts on I9. Hopefully some cowon employees also read this forum :-)

I've been using Iriver Ifp series for years, and was very satisfied. I did *almost* everything i ever wanted, except for bookmarks, faster ff/rew speeds, and little lacking sound control.

This was until I discovered Iaudio G3!!! Now this is really a perfect device for me! It does really everything i need. But unfortunately half a year ago my G3 died abruptly!

I've been searching for many months on ebay and local 2nd hand sites for any G2 or G3, and NOTHING!

So Eventially I gave up and decided to buy least bad thing - I9.
It has some advantages, but much more disadvantages than old G3:


1) NO tactile buttons! I hate those touch screens and panels. I'm using the player while running and cycling , and I need to navigate quickly with one hand w/o looking. Two tactile buttons somewhat help, but it is far from G2/G3, Iriver Ifp series

2) No more mp3 encoding capability. mp3 is much more versatile and there are more tools for it than ugly wma! I could choose 44/22/11khz and any possible bitrates on G3, while on I9 choice is extremely limited.

3) Really bad voice recording quality!!!! - There's extremely high noise. recording are useless in a large class while sitting in the middle. Even 10 year old Iriver 128mb can record with much higher quality . Shame on you , cowon

4) No station frequency setup for fm record alarms

5) Really small battery life compared to AA-based players like G3 and Iriver Ifp. The ratings that they give you are (not high to begin with) - for ideal conditions, - which means no lcd use, low volume, mp3 cbr, etc,etc.
I only use Ogg, and i use controls a lot. And current consumption is much higher while recording radio - so much so , that I unable to record all programs that I want in a single day. Fortunately - I sold this problem by adding 2nd battery, see at the end of my post.


1) Considerably better FM reception!! which is surprising. In fact it is much better than any player i know (including new ones). In my work i can get some reception on -3rd floor, while other pmp's have only noise. NIce!

2) Well, can't find any more advantages, apart from larger memory, which is not so important for me. I would immediately switch it for 2gb G3 If I could find one

I've so fed up lately with dismal battery performance, that I decided to deal with the issue myself.

Here's I9 opened: BTW, you can see now WHY the buttons are in uncomfortable position. There's simply battery and lcd in the upper part, no room for buttons/switches. Battery is 510 mah, but i think it's overrated. Too small for such mah.
Here's the battery i'm adding. 800mah is actual capacity I tested
I cut out portion of the back to the size of new battery. BTW the back plastic is very thick!
I solder the new battery in parallel with the original (equalizing the voltages beforehand-> I charged them both full to 4.2v. Put some epoxy to avoid accidental short circuit of battery contacts
Close everything:
Here's the profile. I9 is now 11.2mm thick instead of 9.3mm thick original - really insignificant thickness increase for 156% capacity increase.

As for the run times - I don't have time to test it, and it's unnecessary, but it still stays full for whole day of working, so i guess it's OK.
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