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Default Dead Fuze Revival?

OK so I decided out of the blue to try and see if I can get my fuze to work again after almost half of year. I can't even remember how the problems with the player were triggered (maybe something to do with trying to rockbox?). But anyways the symptoms are the following:

- When connected to desktop rig, screen on fuze shows connected animation but battery charing indicator doesn't move/change
- Not detected in either MSC or MTP
- Trying on my laptop yields same results

The player isn't bricked as far as I can figure because I managed to get into main screen and try formatting/hard reset but none of that helped. I'm narrowing possible problems down to either the cable, charging port on fuze or the battery itself. I don't have another cable on hand to try and further diagnose the problem so if anyone has any input, I'd appreciate it. BTW I've already been happily using a Clip+ since the fuze died a while ago so this isn't a big deal to me but still I wouldn't mind fixing it lol. (Sorry for this long ass ranty post)
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