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Default Creative Vision M - DEAD! How to Fix!

This puzzled me as I didn't get any charge light or response from USB. All I could find on the internet was info pointing towards getting a mains charger but I still didn't believe my big beefy Dell XPS PC could not supply the voltage required to work the thing.
Turns out I was wrong!
I bought a universal adapter (3 - 12 volts @ 300mA) from Tesco, fitted the correct plug (positive is the centre pin), set on 4.5 volt and switched it on.
Great I thought when the blue light came on.. but then the LCD came on too without me doing anything and displayed jumping garbled lines. None of the buttons would function so I turned it off at the plug and on again. Same again so I increased the voltage and the screen went off, yay... then so did the charge light!
It must have an overvoltage protection circuit as restoring the voltage to 4.5volts repeated the same situation as before.
I thought I would try and find out the voltage of the genuine creative charger on the internet. This was pretty impossible to find out but on a Google image search found a large enough picture of one to be able to zoom in and read the text on the label... and nearly fell off my chair!
It is 5 volts alright but after getting my eyeball stuck to my monitor I had to accept what I was reading... 2.4A!!!!
Christ my Netgear router that supplys 4 servers only pulls half of that, no wonder the sodding USB don't want to know, I'm amazed it ever did!
Now trying to find a low voltage high amp transformer, even as a computer tech with a shed load of crap is quite hard and I didn't expect to. I got a Nokia charger @ 5v 300mA so no good, a newer Nokia charger @ 5v 650mA better but no, a HP printer adapter @ 32volts 1.2A - Er maybe not but had to laugh as even that 32volt bad boy only sticks out 1.2A (or 1200mA to clarify).
Then from a dark corner of my workshop I arose holding above my head in a shimmering golden glow, like it was the Holy Grail itself, a 5volt 2000mA (or 2.0A) switching adapter! LOL. And it wouldn't fit in the hole!
No problem, I lobbed the cable off the Tesco one, cut off the non-fitting plug and spliced them together. Remember if you do this that the centre of the plug is the positive (+) side.
I plugged in the USB, turned on the juice, on came the blue light, up came the Zen logo on the LCD, the computer said ding-dong and now it's currently charging!
Apparantly there is a firmware update on the Creative website to fix this but personally I don't see how it will work efficiently, it's just going to bull the BIOS that its not shaking like a shitting dog for power!
Either way I don't care, it works - job done!
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