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Default Fuze froze, bricked next morning, tried resetting

I used my Fuze and all the sudden it froze and couldnt do anything, couldnt turn it off either.
So I put it on hold, that was the only option.
The next day it died (I wasnt at home to plug it into a computer). It wouldnt do anything, no matter what buttons i pushed.

I connected it to a computer but it's still dead. I tried recharging it, has been hours now but no bueno. in My Computer it shows an unknown device that could be reformatted (4MB) but it keeps failing. I tried connecting it to the USB output of a desktop also. Or holding the power for 15 seconds or pressing the middle button and power at the same time.
I do not wanna return it quite yet, are there any possibilities out there to revive it?
It is less than a week old.
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If you are having problems with it after one week return it & get another one. Also it usually takes 30 seconds to reset holding the power & center buttons & more than once.
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Thanks for this advice about resetting the Fuze. Just did a search here for a frozen Fuze and doing a reset holding the power and centre button. It worked! Couldnt believe my second Fuze in a week had died on me!
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