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Default Slow Volume Response Fuze v2 and Rockbox

Anyone out there have any issues and knows of a resolution for a volume delay with the Fuze v2 and Rockbox, latest build?

It seems like there's a bug with my Fuze v2 and the volume. It's seems like it's a delay. When I go to put the volume up on the device it takes about 2-3 seconds for it to go up. Once it goes up it's loud, so I have to lower the volume. Once I lower the volume the volume maybe too low by the time it catches up.

This only happend with Rockbox. When I boot up to the original Sansa OS there's no delay at all with the volume.

Any advice?
Sansa e250 v1 + 8GB MicroSD Rockboxed 3.10
Sansa e280 v2 + 16GB MicroSD Rockboxed 3.10
Sansa Fuze 8GB v2 + 32GB MicroSD Rockboxed 3.10
Sansa Fuze 8GB v2 - Brand new in box unopend. Backup player.
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