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Default Thank you anythingButIpod !


I love music. I got my first mp3 player in 2004 and it was a nice little box that had radio, a microphone, great folder structure and a lot of other things that I learned to love as a kid.

2009 I got an iPod mini from my mother because the old one broke. Since it was a birthday present I could not say no but I puked inside my soul. I hate apple, it's a personal thing. They sell the same crap that is out there for double the money - it just looks fancy and is supposed to be "hip", F that. The hassle to get a song on the player was horrible. First of all I needed iTunes which is a beast in itself and then I had to triple-check my music collection for wrong ID3 tags, and there were many...

The iPod mini did it's job, it played music and that's why I did not really do much other stuff with it anyway, I barely knew the machine. But one nice day I decided to tune into the radio and spent a few minutes looking for it only to find out that it has no radio. It also has no microphone, features that are natural to me there not there! Well I got used to it I guess and I even found a plugin for the great no-shiny-bullshit-player foobar2000 that got rid of iTunes for me. It all was okay. Until I lost my iPod.

Dammit, where to look, what to ask for? There was so much that I wanted and I thought that it is not going to be possible but by accident I found this forum. Dedicated to real MP3 players that are not made to the worst company in my little world. I created a thread asking for a LOT of features and voilla, not even a week later I had my beautiful small Sansa Clip+. The player is nice in itself but I am kind of an audiophile so when I read about Rockbox for the first time I could not wait to get my hands on it.

"What is Rockbox" I wondered. I was looking for EQs, database & file browsing, options for menu themes and how buttons behave in certain situations. I looked for shuffle and repeat options and much more stuff. And I found them. After being punished with iPod's minimalism of features I got what I wanted.

What a GREAT freaking software that is! Whoever put his hard work into fiddling with drivers and firmware deserves a huge THANK you! You guys got me the best player and the best firmware I could possibly have. I launched the normal firmware just for testing but it does not feel half as clean and good as Rockbox does.

So - thank you anythingbutipod, you got me the best player for me!
Thank you Rockbox dudes - you got me the best firmware I could have!

Currently I am -500 so donating for my favorite projects are kinda off-line but when I get back again, you will be sure to get a free beer or two!

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