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Help album covers randomly appearing

Yep, Album covers are randomly showing up. This happened to a lot of my albums when i updated the firmware. (my player apparently had an early firmware when i bought it. i was WAY behind) New album covers have showed up once or twice since. My main question is; why is this happening and how do i get the rest of them up? (yes i know thats 2 questions )
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First, you need to check that the covers are embedded in the tags of the files.

I think that not all of the formats that the X-Fi2 will play can have embedded pictures; I had trouble with .wma files, but have found there is no problem so long as I have a small-ish JPEG embedded under the Picture tag. (You can do that with Creative Centrale, or with any of various other tagging programs, as you probably know; I'm on Linux, and use kid3 personally.)
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I use mp3tag to set pictures.
I removed all the album art from my tracks though, since the x-fi2 is bugged such that if you scroll through your albums it can lock up for about a minute.

I never got FLACs to work with images. Not sure if they are unsupported of if it is some shortcoming of the x-fi2..
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