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Default foobar2000 scratchbox tutorial

here's a basic guide to arranging panels in the default UI. before you begin, you'll want to backup your current theme. you can do this by going to

file>preferences>display>default user inferface>export theme

save it somewhere safe like your desktop or documents folder.

rather than try and modify your current theme, we'll start off with a blank canvas using the scratchbox.

view>layout>create scratchbox

if you click anywhere on this blank area, the add new ui element dialog box will popup.

first of we will start with a splitter (top/bottom). now we have the window split in 2 and we can add 2 panels. click the top panel and again we'll get the add new ui element dialog. this time scroll down and select playlist view. now click the bottom panel and add a spectrum. your window should now look like this....

now you probably won't want the spectrum to take up that much room so we can grab the splitter that separates them and resize it up or down. once you've resized it to something you like, try resizing the whole scratchbox window. you'll notice the splitter moves relatively proportional to the overall window size and we don't want this. so what you can do is again position it how you want. now right click the splitter (this can be a fine art some times ) and then select lock bottom pane height. now we can resize the window as much as we like and the spectrum panel will stay the same height.

this layout isn't much use at the moment so now we'll add more splitters. right click on the splitter and select cut ui element. this does exactly what "cut" does in any windows app - it's removed and is now on the windows clipboard. now click on the blank area and add a new splitter (left/right). now right click in the right hand pane and select paste ui element.

this is ridiculously easy isn't it.

now you can resize the left/right splitter and maybe lock the size again by right clicking on the splitter itself. in the left hand pane let's add a new splitter top/bottom. your window should now look this.

in the top panel we'll add some tabs. simply double click the tab and you can rename it. inside each tab you can place any panel you like.

still in the left hand pane, if you decide you don't want the top/bottom splitter anymore, you can simply right click it and select replace ui element. select album list and our layout now looks like this.

that's basically it really. just play around copy/pasting/replacing panels until you've made something you like. you can use

edit>apply layout

to overwrite your current theme or use the export option.

once you feel more confident you'll have no problems not using the scratchbox and simply editing your main layout on the fly. you can do this by going to

view>layout>enable layout editing

don't forget to turn it off again when finished. optionally you can right click the menu bar and add this option as a button which you can toggle on or off.

you can use what you've learnt here to modify any of the built in layouts. don't be afraid to experiment as you can always restore your theme from the backup you made earlier.

if i can be bothered, i'll post some more tips on how to customise your playlists and what extra components to use.
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