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Default mini-usb line out?

i was wondering if the x-fi 2s mini-usb port can serve as a line level out to feed an external amp to bypass the x-fi 2s internal amp [no idea what the output impedance/voltage this DAP provides] if i can find a mini-usb-3.5 hp adaptor?

i got this weird idea as i recall having my x-fi 2 being able to plug to a car stereo system's usb input and play without much problems. or do car stereo systems have specialized drivers[?] for them to work with most players when plugged in?

as a point of comparison, ipods [i know, not the forum to discuss this] have many offerings in line out dock adapters so i was wondering if i can do the same with the x-fi 2 or any DAP out there with a mini-usb plug...

sorry if this is all silly, i'm kind of new with these things
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At a guess, your car stereo is reading the player the way a computer would: reading the files from it as if it were a hard disk. (At least that's what our stereo at home does when you plug in a USB device or memory stick.)

I don't personally know of any docks for the X-Fi2 that use the USB output; Creative themselves don't seem to make any (that I have found, anyway).
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