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Default My gear...

My gear of choice (apologies ahead of time for the ipod pic) for portable listening are as followed: I have 3 mp3 players that I use for different reasons. My Zen X-Fi2 touch is my favorite to listen to. It has that wonderful X-fi feature that adds beautiful detail to the music. The biggest downside to the Zen is its lack of power. It has problems pushing big headphones. My Sansa Clip+ is used primarily when I am working out but it is a fantastic little player with great sound and surprising power than can push my bigger cans without a problem. Lastly I have an ipod touch that I use primarily for apps but plays music as a bonus. This one is my least favorite for music as it sounds the worst to me out of my 3 but does everything else very well.

My headphones of choice are as followed: I have 4 pairs of headphones. 2 sets of portable cans: Sennheiser HD238 and Sennheiser PX100. Both are excellent choices. The PX100's have excellent detail and solid bass reproduction and very details highs. The HD238's are like PX100's on steroids. They sound richer and more detailed and are extremely comfortable to wear. I have 2 sets of earbuds: Sennheiser CX400 and Klipsch S4. The Senns sound wonderful with very solid bass and detail. The Klipsch are my current favorite headphones. The have an absolutely beautiful way of delivering all the details of any type of music. Clean and smooth. Here are some pics....

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NP with the Ipod pic we kid and joke about posting Ipods on here plenty of people have them it is not a hate forum just Ipod unfriendly. On another note those S4's gots to go. <
Some people are just more stupid then others, no no no what I'm talking about is the people always being affected by whats going on around them.
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Ah, another Sennheiser fan. I see someone else likes the PX100s as well.

I suppose I should get around to posting some pics, but my collection is so small.
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