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Default Best method for charging battery


Finally i got the player

Just wondering what is the best method for charging this ?
do i wait until its totally depleted and then recharge ?
or do i wait till it drops to 25%/50% then charge ?

im confused when to charge, dont want to kill the battery so soon.

I would like to utilise as much of this vaunted '100hour' battery claim , so when will i acutally get to see near abouts this sort of bettery life ? so far its not 100hrs. Finally i would welcome any best hints/tips on prologing the battery life, change setting etc ..ive reduced brightness etc to min , taken of bluetooth, any other tips ?

thanks for listening.
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I've followed the advice in the FAQ here for charging and storing all my lithium batteries with very good results. There's a link in there to the battery university you may want to check also.

Short, frequent charges are better than long discharges and long recharges. You will need to fully discharge the battery every once in a while to reset the battery meter. The info on why and when is in the FAQ and the battery university link.
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What Skip said.

I just wanted to add to have fun with your new player. I have one and I feel it's one of the best DAP investments I made.
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thanks for the info guys This player is a great update from my aging Archos 605 , may it RIP. Only downside is the built in speaker , i wish i could increase the sound setting, any ideas on that front ? it goes upto 40 at the most, can i increase the sound setting ?
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