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Default Man Survives Using Creative X-fi 2!!!!!!!!

At only $99, I couldn't resist ordering a 16 gb Creative X-fi2. I had read a number of reviews where the reviewer thoroughly trashed the "unusable" resistive touchscreen on the X-fi2. I was actually concerned that my fingers might burst into flames the first time I touched the accursed resistive touchscreen. Well, nothing happened. The touchscreen on the X-fi 2 is just FINE, and is very good for a resistive unit.

The LCD screen is more than just OK for viewing video. I don't plan on watching many full length movies on a 3" screen when I have a HD TV on hand. Creative products have very good sound, and the X-fi 2 is no exception. The SD card on Creative PMPs is not fully integrated, but the 16 gb is plenty for me. For $99 I should get several years, at least, of enjoyment from this DAP.
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Sounds great, glad you're happy with it. I'd heard what you just said, that the touchscreen isn't actually that bad considering it's resistive.

As far as video, in my experience, resistive touchscreens make the image look somewhat foggy (because instead of just one piece of glass on the capacitive screens, you've got the glass and then a softer plastic to look through). 99 bucks for 16 gigs in a quality PMP is not bad, not at all.
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The title made me lol. I'm sure it's fine.
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I paid more for my 8GB X-Fi2 going on a year ago. I love the player. It sounds great. The screen is not bad at all. I, too, had read all the bad reviews and was expecting the worst. Boy, was I shocked at how well it works. By reading some of the reviews it sounded like you had to mash your finger into the screen while cursing at it to make it work. Well, all I have to do is give it the lightest of touches. Yes, a capacitive screen is more sensitive, however, this resistive screen works very well.
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