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Arrow Right Which portable amp and mp3 player should i buy???

Hey, I'm looking to purchase a portable amplifier and a mp3 player?

Im looking for really high audio quality

Any ideas?

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Look for a mp3 player and good pair of headphones first, you may not need an amp. Read here for info to edit your mp3 player request, here for headphone recommendation info to post and here why you might not need an amp.

Edit: BTW welcome to abi

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what he said...your post is waaaay to broad for you to get truly useful responses.
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+1 to no amp, most decent player dont need it. and i suggest come cowon, J3 is the one I have and I love it.

unless you want audiophile quality, then get some 600 usd ready. but i cant help you there. good luck!
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Originally Posted by Jörgemeister View Post
+1 to no amp, most decent player dont need it. and i suggest come cowon, J3 is the one I have and I love it.

unless you want audiophile quality, then get some 600 usd ready. but i cant help you there. good luck!
Wrong, it depends on which type of headphones hes using. Its also about weather the user wants to change the overall sound signature, amping a DAP changes the sound. There are bright, dark, and neutral sound headphone amplifiers.
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Depends on what music you like and what you want to spend.

My advice is use an android phone. Android natively supports FLAC(free lossless audio codec) music files. These are much higher quality than standard mp3. You can rip CD's to FLAC format or download music in FLAC. However be ware they are about 4 times larger than mp3 so will take up more space on you mp3/phone.

Forget the amp and spend more on a better pair of headphones.

As far as headphones go I would go for something like Sennheiser momentums or the logitech UE 6000. Both are very nice sets that wont require an amp.

Again depends what you want to spend tho and what you listen too.
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Welcome to ABi

Please note the last time the OP was here before you bump a thread open. You can find that info by clicking on the members name and checking their public profile. marcoh was last here 09-28-2011 and didn't add any of the requested info then so it's unlikely they will ever see these late replies.

The statement about the quality of FLAC files isn't very useful for many people. A FLAC file may have more information in it but that doesn't mean that it will be audibly better. That's something that each person can determine foe themselves using ABX testing. That's relatively easy for someone to perform for a Windows user if they care to using foobar2000 and it's ABX Comparator plugin.

The people I've known who have performed ABX testing have discovered that today's perceptual encoders are very good. For the greatest majority of people if the settings for transparency are followed there won't be an audible difference between a perceptually encoded file using a modern encoder and it's lossless counterpart.

It's my position that each person should use the codec they prefer. Some, like me, know that they can't hear a difference on a frequent enough basis to waste disk space on a portable player space with lossless files. Others prefer not to bother with encoding their files and go with lossless. Some are worried that they might hear a difference and encode at settings that aren't what are recommended by the results of listening test.

The variations of preference are so many that I prefer to recommend that each person make a choice based on what works best for them. That way they won't find themselves in a position in the future to regret following the advice of someone who thinks there's a such thing as a "standard mp3".
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