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Default Should I replace my dead Clip+ with a Fuze?

Despite my screen name, I'm a little interested in video now. Given my budget limitations, I'm thinking of getting a Fuze (not a Fuze+) to replace my Clip+. Does anyone want to warn me off or tell me it's a good idea? Are there things not covered in the review that I should be aware of? I'm definitely plannning to Rockbox it if I get it.

Is the sound quality equal to the Clip+?

How does one tell version 1 from version 2?
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Sound quality should be the same.
- Justin
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The Fuze is and Clip+ audio hardware is the same, They sound alike. The only way to to tell if a Fuze is V1 or V2 is to turn it on and check the firmware.

Video on the Fuze is do-able, not great. The small screen and low resolution make it suitable for the occasional cartoon or music video for my old eyes. However there's a couple of younger people I've given them to that use them regularly for video so it definitely can be done.

If you are going be using Rockbox, WinFF works well for video conversion. The Sansa E200 preset would be the one to use. For the relatively short things I've watched the audio/video sync was good.

I'd be sure to get a screen protector or a case as the plastic is scratch prone. They're not the little micro scratches of the Clip+. It would be easy to get some on the screen that would be very distracting when watching videos.

Check Newegg or TigerDirect for refurb deals.They usually have a decent deal on 4 GB Fuzes.The two I got from TigerDirect a few months ago couldn't be told from new. They were both V2. The V1s haven't been made in a while so I tend to doubt you would find one coming from a high volume retailer.

I'd say as long as you understand you're getting a decent, not great, video player go for it. The SQ is the same and the battery life is longer Clip+. Even if you decide that the video experience isn't worth it you would still have a decent replacement for the Clip+.
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can you use your phone for video? honestly if i want to watch video i wait till i'm at home but if i wanted too i watch it on my htc inspire.
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Thanks for the information. My Fuze came today. The case is not here yet, but I'm keeping the Fuze in its pouch. (Of course, I end up pushing buttons when I try to take it out of my pocket.)

So far my only complaint is the @#*&^#% proprietary connecting cable.

A question about ReplayGain: AIUI, MediaMonkey or Foobar or whatever adds metadata to the tracks on my computer, and after I transfer tracks to my Fuze it uses the metadata to adjust output volume. I already set up ReplayGain on my Clip+ (R.I.P.) so it should be working on my Fuze. Right?

It may be a while before I Rockbox my Fuze. I have forgotten everything I learned about Rockbox with my Clip+. The main thing I want Rockbox for is the balance control, since one of my ears works better than the other.
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Replaygain support on the Fuze works just the same way as on the Clip.

You should try rockbox with your fuze. It's even better on the Fuze than on the Clip because it takes advantage of the big screen (Doom!
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