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Default Is Washed Fuze Salvageable?

A month ago, my Fuze which was a refurb going strong, was accidentally washed and then put through the dryer. I left it to dry for a while then, but for not even, after a few hours I turned on my Fuze and needless to say that almost automatically it shorted out. After a month in the dust I decided to see whether or not to see that the USB worked, and it did! The memory was available, and it had all the tracks I previously had. However, the Fuze is still reluctant to "turn on" or "display." Is this a lost cause?
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If everything works while plugged in, it's possible you only ruined the battery. So if you replace it, you should be able to bring it back to life. I've done this with 2 of my wife's phones and both were fixed.

We have a disassembly guide here and you should be able to buy a battery here. Yea that battery is a bit pricey, if you get the info off the battery, search around to see if you can find a better price.

Edit: BTW I edited your title to something more descriptive.

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Wow might as well buy a new refurb.
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If you don`t use it anymore, id be willing to buy the ribbon cable between the PCB and the clickwheel for an high price!
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check ebay
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