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Default Any alternatives to LDB Manager or Lyrics Station?

IMHO, LDB Manager is good only for Cowon players. Lyrics marked by it do not show up, in, say, Samsung P3. For a person having DAPs/PMPs from 2 or more vendors, this is useless and frustrating.

However, I've seen some .mp3 files with lyrics already embedded into them, karaoke style and they show up in my 2 PMPs-Cowon D2, Samsung P3 !

I wonder what tool was used to embed those lyrics into them. Is there a better tool than LDB Manager?

Is there any tool that can analyse such files with "universally playable" lyrics to find out what software was used to create them?

One thing I noticed that these files show up as type XLDB, (but are not editable) in LDB manager. What is XLDB and what tools are used to make them?
OK OK, so no takers yet, eh? OK, I understand that LDB Manager produces lyrics which are in a proprietary format. Same goes with Lyrics Station (BTW, these 2 tools look very similar, I wonder who copied from whom ).

Coming back to the issue, I suppose there must be some standard for lyrics ( just as there are for tags etc.). Question is what are those standards and whether these 2 tools I mentioned (LDB Mgr & LS) adhere to them? I guess not, so what is the standards-compliant tool (for lyrics display) then?

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