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Old 10-23-2011, 12:06 PM
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Default Samsung Galaxy Player pricing (in the USA)...And questions from a prospective buyer

Hey... I'm in the market for a new PMP, and have been closely following the SGP since it was announced early in the year. Now that it's been released in the USA, I'm pretty sure that I'll pick it up. I do have a few questions, though.

1) Does anyone think that it'll be discounted at all for Black Friday? (I'm looking at the 5" model, although I'd consider the 4"). I don't think it'll be discounted given that it's just been released, but I wonder if it will be.

2) Has anyone done a test to see just how long the 5" player's battery lasts while playing music w/ Wi-fi turned off? I looked through the threads and have watched Youtube videos, and from what I can tell, it seems to last a good amount of time. Samsung's figures are at 60 hours, but how accurate is that?

3) How smoothly does the SD card content integrate with the main library? I'd assume that Samsung handles it well, but IDK (I'm coming from a Creative Labs PMP, so you can tell how well SD card integration was done there....)

4) I was able to look at a display model to get a good feel of what the Galaxy Player 5.0 feels like in hand, but does anyone know if the screen is actually glass?

5) TexasRockbox reported that the sound quality might be a bit better on the 4.0 than on the 5.0? Why would that be? And is it just subjective analysis?

6) Does anyone know if there would be any software bugs due to the 5.0's size? Does Android just upscale content to fit the 5" screen, or does that have any bearing on it at all?

I'm coming from a Creative Zen X-Fi2 and was considering the SGP 5.0 and the Cowon J3. I figured that I would appreciate the multimedia/internet capabilities of the SGP more than the stellar audio quality of the Cowon, especially since I don't listen to any FLAC files. But let's see how it goes...

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