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Default Playlist Repeat Disables Auto Change Directory

I decided to revisit the File Browser issue that occurs when the last file played in a directory does not advance to the next directory with the "Repeat" setting set to "ALL" and "Auto Change Directory" setting set to "Yes". Evidently, "Repeat" can disable "Auto Change Directory" when "Repeat" is set to "ALL", which should NOT happen. The "Auto Change Directory" setting should always work regardless of whether "Repeat" is set to "OFF" or "ALL".

This issue has now been tested and verified on two different players -- Clip Fuse (v1) and the Clip Zip. Although not tested, most likely the issue occurs on all SanDisk players between these two models using the latest Rockbox Dev build.

In conclusion, this appears to be a bug in Rockbox.
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I'd report it on the Rockbox forums, irc channel or bug tracker so someone can take a look and possibly identify the source of the error.

Rockbox forums:

Rockbox irc:

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Originally Posted by Ashler View Post
Evidently, "Repeat" can disable "Auto Change Directory" when "Repeat" is set to "ALL", which should NOT happen.
No I think this is intended behavior, and its actually explained in the manual:

7.10 Auto-Change Directory

Control what Rockbox does when it reaches the end of a directory. If Auto-Change Directory is set to Yes, Rockbox will continue to the next directory. If Auto-Change Directory is set to No, playback will stop at the end of the current playlist. Using the Random feature requires you to first generate a folder list via the Random Folder Advance Configuration plugin (see section 12.4.15).
Note: You must have the Repeat option set to No for Auto-Change Directory to function properly.
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