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Help Problems with bookmarks and album art on E465

I just got an E465 and I'm pretty happy with it, but I've encountered a few issues:

1. The easiest way to create a playlist on the fly seems to be by using the bookmarks function. However, every time I add a song to the bookmark list that I'm currently listening to, the audio playback pauses. Does anyone know how I can tell the player which song I want to listen to next without causing a disruption in the song I'm currently listening to?

2. After downloading all my music onto the player, I realized I could only see the album art for a measly two albums. This is especially annoying since the easiest way to scan through my library is to scroll through the (currently blank) album covers. Did I do something wrong in downloading the music (I just used drag-and-drop), or is it the player's fault? How can I retrieve the lost album art?

3. This one isn't as important, but I've noticed that the sound on the player is quite loud, even at supposedly low volume levels. In a quiet room, I usually listen at level 2, or perhaps 3. I suppose this isn't a major problem, since level 1 isn't too loud for me. But the fact that, at the lower volume levels, the sound increases quite significantly with each notch means I often have to settle for a level that's a little too loud or too quiet for me at a given moment. Does anyone else have an issue with this, or am I the last person alive with decent hearing?

I would appreciate any help you guys can offer to me. Thanks in advance.
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